Superior Court of California, San Bernardino County

Superior Court of California, San Bernardino County

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Form NumberDescriptionRevised Date
N/A: Stipulation For Settlement (CCP §664.6) (fillable)04/18/03
SB-0023A Notice of Pending Action11/01/17
SB-0023B Judicial Approval for Recordation04/01/14
SB-8336 Civil Bench Warrant04/01/14
SB-8337 Civil Bench Warrant Instructions05/01/14
SB-9949: Declaration Default In Payments04/01/81
SB-8338 Judgment on Sister-State Judgment04/01/14
13-19890-360 Proof of Service Notice of Appeal (Code Enforcement)04/01/14
APP-001 Appeal Procedures for Unlimited Civil Cases (Information on)07/01/15
SB-16778 Amendment to Complaint04/01/14
SB-380 Declaration of Petitioner and Request for Records Check (fillable)05/11/18
13-12390-360 General Civil Case At-Issue Memorandum (fillable)09/01/13
18854 Order for Criminal/Civil Indexes06/01/14
13-19674-360 Declaration and Order Re: Satisfaction of Judgment04/01/14
13-13550-360 CONFIDENTIAL Referral for CII/Carpos/ICMS Report (Civil) - Form A07/27/15
13-19890-360 Notice of Appeal (Code Enforcement) 04/01/14
13-20102-360 Order on Code Enforcement Appeal04/01/14
13-13570-360 Order Request for Review of Denial of Request to Remove Name from Gang Database03/29/17



Form NumberDescriptionRevised Date
SB-13 Declaration and Order for Release of Exhibits04/22/09
SB-18123 Request to View Exhibits04/01/11
13-20930-360 Consent to Bring Prohibited Items into the Courthouse as Exhibits (fillable)10/01/14

Family Law

Form NumberDescriptionRevised Date
SB-598 Settlement Conference Brief09/17/13
SB-12039: Stipulation And Order On Request For Order11/05/12
SB-19447 Declaration Regarding Ex Parte Notice03/11/13
SB-15148 Request To Set Uncontested Matter04/01/13
SB-13546 Referral for CII/CARPOS/ICMS Report (fillable)01/18/13
SB-12389 Family Law At-Issue Memorandum for Trial Setting 02/16/17
SB-12 Declaration And Order For Issuance Of Writ Of Execution/Abstract Of Judgment (fillable)05/01/13
SB-11290 Petition for Grandparent Visitation03/12/13
SB-11292 Petition for Family Visitation03/12/13
SB-12030 Agreement For Judgment (with children)01/25/18
SB-12035 Agreement For Judgment (no children)04/01/15
13-11300-360 Declaration Re: Compliance with Custody Orders (fillable)08/21/13
16-6477-356 Petition For Conciliation04/01/14
SB-9006 Petition for Declaring Child(ren) Free from Parental Custody and Control06/24/16
SB-9003 Citation - Freedom from Parental Custody and Control06/17/16
SB-19811 Order Declaring Child(ren) Free from Parental Custody and Control06/17/16
13-21904-360 Order on Petition to Terminate Parental Rights of Alleged Father08/10/16
13-21903-360 Petition to Terminate Parental Rights of Alleged Father08/10/16
13-21905-360 Declaration and Order Dispensing with Notice to Alleged Father08/10/16
13-21906-360 Citation - Adoption07/13/16
13-21907-360 Petition to Obtain Original Unsealed/Un-Redacted Birth Certificate 08/18/16
13-21908-360 Order on Petition to Obtain Original Unsealed/Un-Redacted Birth08/18/16
13-21909-360 Petition for Birth Record Information10/04/16
13-21910-360 Order on Petition for Birth Record Information08/10/16
13-21911-360 Application to Obtain Final Adoption Order and Order08/11/16
13-21912-360 Application to Obtain Copies from Adoption Case and Order 08/18/16
13-19673-360 Petition for Adoption of Adult or Married Minor03/28/18
SB-37456 Consent of Spouse of Adopting Adult03/28/18
SB-37455 Agreement of Adoption of Adult or Married Minor03/28/18
13-21913-360 Consent of Spouse of Adult or Married Minor to be Adopted03/28/18
13-19117-360 Stipulation for Entry of Judgment Re: Establishment of Parental Relationship04/04/18
SB-9004 Order for Publication of Citation (Adoption)10/24/16
SB-9005 Application for Order for Publication of Citation (Adoption) 10/24/16
13-19742-360 Order of Adult Adoption or Married Minor10/18/18


Form NumberDescriptionRevised Date
SB-30 Order for Publication of Summons or Citation04/01/14
SB-2 Application for Publication of Summons or Citation04/01/14
SB-37 Proof of Personal Service04/01/14
N/A: Request for Dismissal -- Small Claims Cases04/11/08
SB-37A Proof of Service by Mail04/01/14
13-19357-360 Notice of Appeal (Parking Violation)04/01/14
CR-300 Petition for Revocation (fillable)01/01/15
SB-10 Declaration of Mailing or Inability to Ascertain Address (fillable)02/01/90
20555 Request to View File07/01/12
SB-17710 Interpreter Services Claim Form 01/02/18
13-10840-360 Request to Excuse Notice with Due Diligence Declaration10/27/15
13-21200-360 Audio CD Information Sheet and Order Form01/03/17
13-16503-360 Certificate of Assignment (fillable)06/01/14
18854 Order for Criminal/Civil Indexes06/01/14
13-16074-360 Certificate of Added Costs09/10/14
13-10844-360 Request to Calendar (fillable)04/01/14
13-18605-360 Vexatious Litigant Worksheet12/01/17


Form NumberDescriptionRevised Date
13-18121-360 Request to Vacate Packet (Delinquency)07/30/18
13-18124-360 Request to Vacate Packet (Dependency)07/30/18
19558 Notice of Special Hearing (Delinquency)07/30/18
19559 Notice of Special Hearing (Dependency)07/30/18
19560 Objection/Response to Packet (Delinquency)07/30/18
19561 Objection/Response to Packet (Dependency)07/30/18
13-16504-360 Certification of Competency (Dependency)07/30/18
13-20067-360 Petition for Resentencing (Juvenile)06/04/18
13-20068-360 Response to Petition for Resentencing (Juvenile)06/04/18
13-20069-360 Order for Resentencing (Juvenile)06/04/18
13-13551-360 Proof of Service - Juvenile Restraining Order06/11/18

Landlord Tenant

Form NumberDescriptionRevised Date
SB-12950 Ex Parte Application And Order To Serve Summons By Posting08/02/13
SB-349 Application for Judgment for Restitution of Premises Only (CCP1169) (fillable)08/01/13
SB-20041 Pretrial Orders Judgment By Court Unlawful Detainer (fillable)08/01/13
UD-150 To Set Case for Trial - Unlawful Detainer09/22/11
SB-03W Application for Issuance of Writ of Execution Per CCP 712.01004/01/14


Form NumberDescriptionRevised Date
13-00397-360 Order Appointing Counsel For Conservatee, Probate Code Sections 1470, 1471, and 2356.5(f)(1)10/01/13
N/A: Order Appointing Counsel For Minor, Probate Code Sections 1470 and 1516.5 (fillable)06/10/04
SB-14522 Notification of Court of Conservatorship Address03/25/16
SB-360 Court Investigators Referral Report03/24/16
SB-18074 Confidential Guardianship Questionnaire and Authorization for Release of Information06/28/16
SB-13548 Referral for CII/CARPOS/ICMS Report (fillable)01/18/13
SB-12224 List Of Required Contact Information For Conservatorships04/01/14
SB-10120 Confidential General Care Plan of Conservatee03/21/08
SB-2628 Ex Parte Petition to Dispense with Accounting and Order (fillable)06/10/11
SB-1050 Request for Deferment of Court Investigator Fee and Order02/01/12
SB-13100 Affidavit to Comply with California Probate Code §§ 13100-1311505/01/14
13-16783-360 Objection To Guardianship09/01/15
13-10840-360 Request to Excuse Notice with Due Diligence Declaration10/27/15
13-19740-360 Termination of Guardianship - Parent Questionnaire06/28/16
13-14523-360 Notification of Disqualification from Voting05/24/16
13-14524-360 Notification of Reinstatement of Voting05/24/16


Form NumberDescriptionRevised Date
21286 Good Cause Declaration and Order09/04/13
21284 Request for Sentence Modification04/04/14
21288 Request to Address Civil Assessment for Failure to Appear pursuant to PC 1214.1(a)09/04/13
SB-16350 Infraction Request Form09/13/17
SB-16351 Request for Consideration of Ability to Pay 07/01/18