Superior Court of California, San Bernardino County

Superior Court of California, San Bernardino County

Traffic School Information

Eligibility Information

The court may grant a request to attend traffic school for an eligible violation if you have not attended for a previous violation that was committed within 18 months of your present violation. You are not eligible for traffic school if you have a commercial driver’s license and were driving a commercial vehicle when you were cited. Seat belt and other zero point violations are not eligible to attend traffic school. Speeding greater than 25 mph over the posted speed limit is also ineligible for traffic school.

NOTICE: If you are eligible and decide not to attend traffic school your automobile insurance may be adversely affected. One conviction in any 18-month period will be held confidential and not show on your driving record if you complete a traffic violator school program. The 18-month eligibility period for a confidential conviction after completion of Traffic School, is determined from violation date to violation date. (Vehicle Code Section 1803.5, 1808.7, 41501, 42005 and 42007)

If paying by mail, send one check equal to the bail amount plus a nonrefundable $60.00 traffic school fee and follow the instructions of your reminder notice. Write “traffic school” and your citation number on the check, which must be received by the due date listed. Traffic schools will charge an additional fee to enroll.

Traffic Violator Schools